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Big Joe and his partner Little Joe turned their dream into reality in 1960, when they opened their first restaurant together. The name Red Devil was an easy choice, since it was already on the sign out front when they bought the joint. Money was tight so the guys had no choice but to put their families to work. Loud arguments, personal sacrifices, long hours, and quality ingredients eventually led to loyal customers. With great leadership from the second generation of owners, Mike & Joe Digeno Jr., Red Devil Italian Restaurant has continued to thrive in the Valley of the Sun. The Digeno Family has continued the tradition of quality that Joe Sr. began over 60 years ago.

Fine-dining Italian Pizza tempe


Opening Hours

S M T W T F S All

Sunday 11:00 am to 08:00 pm

Meet the Owner

Profle Picture Michael Digeno Owner

Red Devil co-owner Michael Digeno has been in the restaurant business for 52 years, starting when his father Joseph Digeno Sr. and his father's friend Joe Moreno opened the first Red Devil restaurant in Phoenix in 1960. Today, Red Devil in Pinetop celebrates five years of business in the area. To commemorate the occasion, the restaurant will be selling $5 medium cheese pizzas all day June 7.

$5 OFF Any Order $30.00 or More!17.76 mi

$5 OFF
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03/04/2022, 11:45 am

This restaurant has low-carb/Keto options and it is an Italian place! I can’t wait to give this menu a try! And they have more than one location here in the valley!
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